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How do you balance life when becoming an entrepreneur?

Am I cut out to be an entrepreneur?

What should my entrepreneur life look like?

Can I be an entrepreneur with a 9-5?

How can I become an entrepreneur?

These and many more questions ran through my head as I felt the unction to create my own business.

There were many self-help books about what an entrepreneur was but I felt like it excluded me because It didn't fit me in the categories. Me as a wife, mom, volunteer, assistant etc...  It felt it felt unattainable and felt like it didn't fit into my life. Because all of those doubts attacked my mind I was stuck for a while. Stuck in the what-ifs.  I didn't have a coach to guide me.  I want to be that for you. I would love to pick your brain on what your passions, dreams, and goals are.  Let's get you started on what you are called to be.

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