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Let's walk hand in hand as you go through this journey called LIFE. I know the feeling of being STUCK. But I also know the Joy in MOVEMENT. I know the struggle of being creative but still not feeling adequate. I know the struggle of millions of concepts in my head but something was holding me back from moving forward. Just stuck as stuck can be. I know what it feels like to feel like you are putting your best foot forward but obstacle after obstacle seemed to set me back to the point of giving up. But I also know what it feels like to overcome what should have shook me to my core. As a wife, mom and business owner I've experienced life in good and bad seasons. I want to come alongside you with the assurance I've been there, getting through and come through many tough areas. 

Who Is Shana Marie?

Inventive, creative, Savvy.e

Shana Marie is a force to be reckoned with. She is a business professional who specializes in assisting others to productivity in their business and personal life. Shana is known for strategizing, production, scheduling, organizing, coaching, planning, branding & design. She has been able to assist clients from corporations all the way to individual business and personal endeavors.

Shana’s desire is to fully display the gifts God has given her. Over the last two decades, she has contributed to multiple branding and marketing projects, clothing and jewelry designs, organization, strategic scheduling, and consulting. 

 Shana received high accolades for her work in customer service, organizing, and administration for corporations, and small businesses.


Her love for the arts and all things creative merge with her desire to serve and to make a difference in the lives she encounters. She has a passion to volunteer and continually teach what she learns. 

Shana’s most treasured roles are that of Child of God, Wife, Mom, Executive Assistant, and being an entrepreneur.

Shana is currently pursuing her BS with a focus on Life Coaching and Graphic Design.

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