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To the Conqueror,


From a messy bedroom to a messy car to messy mind. My life was filled with clutter. Change needed to occur!


I created this task list because I struggled using so many other planners, notepads, notebooks and I was never consistent.  I also felt like I didn’t have enough space to write my task list. It wasn’t intentional enough for me to stick to it either.  I knew I needed more structure  to get beyond my cluttered life.  


Yes, I knew what I needed to conquer my day. But I never took into consideration how much time I needed to conquer these task.  


Now that I am beginning to get on a journery of order and tackle the cluttered areas of my life, I feel like I can BREATHE.  


I pray that you began to prioritize your task and then conquer them without feeling overwhelmed to the point it doesn’t get done. May your heart be untroubled and focused to CONQUER your life! 


With Love,


Shana Marie 

The Conquer Task List

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